In this video, I'm describing my M.S diagnosis story

Depression is a really gloomy symptom that many people with MS have to deal with. This is a discussion about depression from The National MS Society.

In this video, I'm describing the challanging mental state I went into with after my M.S diagnosis. Depression and desperation were the main titles of this stage in my life.

Medicinal Marijuana was always stereotyped against until modern medicine proved its beneficial effect in treating the symptoms of so many different sicknesses. Canada gave "MMJ Bio Science the first Canadian license to produce medical cannabis, which is a huge breakthrough that take us to a new level in looking at M.S and the way it should be treated.

Double vision is a symptom of "Multiple Sclerosis" that hits a single eye or both eyes, causing them to deviate and thus confuse the image seen. I made a small design to show how the world looks like when you're hit with double vision.

LIFNANO is a new approach at curing Multiple Sclerosis through the using of "LIF particles" loaded on Nano particles. The package is then sent to the damaged part of the brain to reinforce remyelination at that part. The founder of the idea is Dr. Su, you can check the headline at Cambridge University's website: The treatment is such a breakthrough if it ever worked and came to the market, because we're speaking about remyelination and not just a slowing down of the progression of MS. This is insane, I hope it works !!