Poems written by me. I hope it rises to your taste ! My poetry is a hobby more than anything, have a nice read.


Written On: August/2/2018

I didn't think when I saw the sky, though dark and black I didn't know
Mysterious it was all of it as a whole, Only lit by the voices of crows
What kind of light is that, so weak and so tired, so scarce and so low
But from that desperation each crow just flew, the horizon they left as if they knew
A moon was rising in that sky, such a missed light fired from the star's bow
Lifted me with her smile,buried me forever in its unique love and snow

Written By:Mohammed Ba'ashar

Same bird; same pain; same story

Written On: April/29/2018

I had to break my own bones I had to say I'm sorry
Maybe it will stop the pain Maybe it will stop the worry
But it was a pain replacing another It was the same bird? same feathers
I should've known, I saw the cloudy weather Rain of pain; thunder shouting a story
The story wasn't about guardians holding my hand Neither was it about me harvesting glory
It was about me having to swallow Then there were deep cuts. Yes; life is gory
You get mauled but you survive You swallow.

Written By:Mohammed Ba'ashar

It's Just a Chess Game

Written On: March/31/2018

As if it was a board; life is in itself a field
a competition, where statues mimic certain roles, sad

little objects that act as obstacles for each others' souls
not knowing that they are destroying themselves in their sad little dance for control.

The battle usually unfolds with all pieces fighting for a wish
the poor stones look like helpless midgets; fooled into becoming copies of each other.
clones, all dream the same dream, all fight the same desperate fight.
They think that they have a chance. That's what they were told. They
lied to them and sold them a dream; that they will grow up to be Millionaires.

rock stars and famous beings; as childish as it was they bought it. It was so
cheap that they sought to keep, believe in and fight for, even if that standing against them was their own selves: the stone replicas; the pawns who got drunk on their own fantasy.

When it's the time for the stones to brawl; remember that these objects don't even have a soul. They are not alive. Leave the board if you can; there is no place for decent people around rocks and stone. But wait a second: who said that you, yourself, are not another stone?

A mere drunk rock ? in a dance between mad stone? a brawl for control?

Written By:Mohammed Ba'ashar

You Fell So Hard, Didn't You?

Written On: March/18/2018

I came to the exact destined spot to witness the fall
one that is so long, hurts so bad, pains my soul

It's my own doing, I did this to myself and all
made the fuel for it to burn, fed it with wood and coal

Made it burn, and with each blow of flames I fall faster
Faster than the relation between water and stone

Hear my advice: never tell before you think
Sometimes they don't believe you

You will always get hit, fall and scream
But nobody will hear, even if you shout and kick

Suffocated, you know that you have been taken out
but your main enemy, the traitor in this, was yourself

Why, why did you tell....?
Why me; what the hell....?

Shocked, you look up. To realize in pure surprise
you built the walls, to watch them crumble and fall

You fell so hard, you're a ghost now
so respect your new existence. You're "old news" now.

Written By:Mohammed Ba'ashar